Walk to School Week 2020: Encouraging the Kids

November 12, 2019
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Benefits of Walking to School

  • Social interaction with other children and friends of a similar age
  • Of course, walking is better for the environment than driving!
  • Exercise reduces stress and lets off steam before classes
  • Takes children slightly out of their comfort zone and away from technology
  • Teaches time management and navigational skills
  • Educates children on the world

But how we do translate these benefits into something that kids can relate to and understand?

It’s easy for us to recognise the benefits of getting kids walking – whether they are our students, neighbours or children – but try telling that to them! For children, it might simply seem like a chore.

Why not try the following fun ideas to motivate kids to make the walk to school instead?

Incentivise with a sense of adventure

Do your younger kids enjoy going on treasure hunts, playing adventure-based games and revel in a good challenge?

Well, good – use that to your advantage!

When you break it to the kids that it is Walk to School Week, try suggesting this proposition in their terms.

It’s not just using your legs to get from home to school and back – it’s an adventure!

Print a fun, annotated map with various safe routes that you’ve checked out yourself personally, including attractions, obstacles and so on.

These activities will distract children from worrying about their tired legs or asking for a shoulder ride, making it a much more enjoyable and welcome experience for everyone involved!

Provide a financial allowance

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, encouraging your children to walk to school has so many benefits.

It might be worthwhile simply telling your older children that if they walk to school, they can have a little money to spend on a treat for themselves.

This will reinforce money management skills and may be a good opportunity to encourage saving up for a bigger item.

Help children make new friends

Speak to any other parents that you know – are they also invested in International Walk to School Week? Why not ask if their child would like to walk with you and your child?

A solitary walk to school, or just walking with one parent, isn’t as fun as sharing the experience with a friend!

Not all of a child’s friends will be able to walk to school together, dependent on where they live, so this creates a great opportunity for children to make new friends and get to know their neighbours.

Give the child a favour

The oldest trick in the book – a reward.

This ploy is commonly used but very effective; simply let your children know that if they walk to and from school every for 5 days, you will (for example):

  • Do the dishes once a week when it’s usually their turn
  • Take them to a place, event or activity that they enjoy more often than you usually would
  • Allow them to do/have something they’ve been asking about for a long time

Safety First

Don’t forget that although International Walk to School Week is a great motivator to get the kids outside, doing exercise and socialising with friends, what’s most important is your child’s safety.

If you are walking with them, use this opportunity to teach the basics about road safety and directions.

Talk about issues like littering, avoiding unfamiliar dogs and other animals, getting lost, what to do in an emergency and which areas to avoid. Remember to put some serious time aside for a chat about stranger danger and who to trust when out and about.

If you need a little inspiration, here are some helpful resources:

So some of these ideas are cheating a little, but it’s all about using this month to forge the habit. You can gradually ease up on the incentives you use over time as the healthy habit will become part of your routine.

Be safe, have fun and happy walking!

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